Motorists Caught out in Quiet Yorkshire Town

Motorhome owners in West Yorkshire were amongst motorists caught out by a combined initiative between several agencies in the town of Mythomroyd this week.

Police officers from the Upper Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team (UVNPT) joined forces with officers from HM Customs, Court Enforcement Officers and a team from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to launch an action day on the motorists of the small West Yorkshire town. The combined forces were looking to crack down on all types of motoring offences and were not disappointed.

One man was caught driving a campervan without motorhome insurance and was also issued with a Section 59 warning for using a vehicle in an anti-social manner. Other motorists were issued with fixed penalty notices for a variety of offences. The task force operated in such a way that traffic disruption was kept to a minimum but still ensured that drivers could not evade the checks.

Speaking on behalf of the team, acting Sergeant Ryan Stockton of the UVNPT said: “We had a very productive day with some good results and similar operations will continue in the area. Tickets were issued for offences, including using a mobile phone while driving, for not wearing a seat belt and for vehicle faults. HM Customs tested more than 50 vehicles and reported that no red diesel was found. It is important that the police carry out these action days to ensure the safety of vehicles on the road.”

The actions of task forces such as the ones in West Yorkshire seem to be targeting quiet backwaters more and more as the number of motorists willing to break the law to avoid motoring costs continue to spiral.