Comfort at the National Motorhome Show!

Last weekend we were at The National Motorhome Show which gave us a chance to meet all you lovely motorhome enthusiasts! We had a fantastic time as we were surrounded by campervan and motorhome owners who were checking out all the latest accessories and models. Many people were so enthusiastic they actually camped at the show!

This year the show also had free seminars for the first time ever and although we didn’t get a chance to go to one, we heard lots of great things about them. The talks ranged from what were the most important things to consider when buying a motorhome to how to stop thieves trying to steal them!

There was a whole range of different sellers as well as other motorhome insurance providers. This was a great chance to meet some of the biggest names and suppliers in the motorhome and campervan industry.

During the show we had our Top Gear style vision racer set up for people to have a go on and try and set the fastest lap time and we also had a raffle to give away three Lego campervans! We had an amazing time and met some lovely people over the course of the weekend.

Peterborough was a welcome host to The National Motorhome Show and we can’t wait for the next one!