Highways Agency Website will Help Motorhomers Avoid Bank Holiday Queues

With the warm weather continuing and the UK preparing to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, motorhome owners will be well represented in the rush to enjoy a bank holiday weekend away from home.

Already the excitement is mounting for a summer of celebration to mark the Queen’s 60th anniversary as monarch of the UK, and most events will get underway this coming weekend as Britain gets ready to party. Motoring organisations are already warning of long queues in traditional traffic hotspots and are warning drivers who are embarking on long journeys to go prepared. With the prospect of warm weather likely to encourage even more people to take full advantage of the bank holiday festivities, motorhome owners who take adequate time to plan their journey will find it more than worthwhile.

Motorhome insurance providers will confirm that they always get a “spike” in claims at bank holiday weekends and traffic jams are well known to result in lots of minor accidents when people lose their concentration and patience. Traffic snarl ups can often be avoided by forward planning and already information is on hand that can help. The Highways Agency’s website www.trafficengland.com gives a live update of the traffic flow on the UK’s major routes, and highlights problem areas so they can be avoided.

The site is already predicting traffic problems at the weekend for several roads. Junctions 10-13 of the M1 in both directions are expected to see delays of around half an hour due to road works on June 4th, and the same applies to junctions 19-20 of the M4. Anyone brave enough to try the M25 in the rush to get away can expect delays from junctions 2-3 travelling anti-clockwise, but seasoned users will know that this is a road where you can always expect the unexpected. Motorhome owners are advised to check the website before setting off for their journey but for those with someone in the passenger seat information from the website can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet device en route.