Good Value Repairs

It’s a nightmare when things go wrong with your motorhome but it usually gets worse when you receive the bill for the repairs! It’s commonly thought that registered or branded dealers charge more than your typical garage, but the real deal is about finding value. With repairs it’s tough when you’re buying something you don’t necessarily understand, but here are a few tips to finding the right place to get your motorhome working again.

Finding a Dealership

The first thing to consider is whether or not you’re making a motorhome insurance claim. Your motorhome insurance provider might well stipulate that you use a particular dealer for your repairs, so check this first. Otherwise, it’s worth shopping around and finding a few quotes, but try to stick to specialist motorhome dealers who will have experience in your particular vehicle, rather than catch-all garages who are more used to dealing with cars.


The truth is, if you’ve found a repairer you like and they have done a good job in the past, there’s no real need to switch. Building up a personal rapport with a dealer is a very good idea and they’re more likely to be receptive to requests in the future and may well give you a discount if you’re a repeat customer.

Poor Quality Work

The key to getting real value out of repairs is to ensure the work is of a good quality and to make a fuss if not. You are always entitled to get a second opinion if you think work may not have been done properly and if something breaks only a few weeks after being repaired you should ensure you get your money back.

Finding a good value workshop isn’t easy, so once you have found somewhere try to establish a good relationship and reputation. Never stand for poor quality work because, in the long run, it really will cost you.