Thousands of motorhome owners expected at Arbroath’s Sea Fest

Mobile home owners will be checking their motorhome insurance policy and heading off from all parts of the United Kingdom to attend this year’s Arbroath Sea Fest. The event is one of the most popular annual events along the east coast of Scotland and takes place this weekend.

The event has a 1940s theme and as the Sea Fest weekend approaches, several historic fishing boats which are very similar to the boats which fished out of Arbroath Harbour in the 1940s are also arriving. Established in 1997, Sea Fest is a popular celebration of Arbroath’s marvellous maritime heritage and it attracts thousands of motorhome owners over its two-day duration in August each year. The star of the show again this year will be the Arbroath Smokie which is a haddock smoked over hardwood. There will also be trout specialities, suckling pigs, venison and ostrich meat, available from over 70 stalls situated along the harbour. For mobile home owners who enjoy a bit of retail therapy there will also be a huge array of stalls selling everything from fresh seafood to handmade jewellery and crafts.

In addition, there will be a Wartime Canteen that will be manned by Arbroath Abbey Timethemes members who will be dressed in Second World War uniforms. A display of 1940s vehicles and wartime artefacts, courtesy of Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club, will also be on show. The weekend traditionally attracts lots of holidaying motorhome enthusiasts and local traders welcome the visitors fondly. The show opens at 10am Saturday August 4th and runs throughout the weekend.

Peter Weightman, of North East Maritime Trust, said “These boats are among perhaps only ten survivors of their type and have been extensively restored to how they looked 60 years ago; when nearly all our harbours had a fleet of these seine or ring netters. It’s great to return to the former fishing grounds of these old boats and to go to a port where they’re appreciated – and they’re certainly appreciated at Arbroath!”