Getting Hands-On

It’s well known that buying a motorhome is an expensive affair and that its getting more expensive each year, but what surprises some motorhome owners is the cost of running their motorhome. Fuel prices have been on the rise, tax has been steadily increasing and garages are suffering with price pressures just like anyone else. There are, however, a few ways to save a little money in the day to day running of your motorhome, one of which is to get hands on.

Small Repairs Add Up

As motorhomes get older they start falling apart quite literally. Fixtures that were once secure start coming away from the wall and things start needing repairing. If you take your motorhome to the local garage every time this happens you might start finding yourself suffering with large bills! If you can conduct a few of the repairs yourself you really do stand to save.

A Good Toolkit

It’s imperative to have a good toolkit if you’re thinking of tinkering so spend a bit of money here and you’ll save in the long run. You can probably get best value if you buy an all-in-one kit which has a range of adaptable spanners, allen keys and screwdrivers to suit your needs. You can guarantee that if you buy one tool for one job it won’t fit, so it’s best to go for the range!

Knowing when to Stop

It is important to know when to stop, however. Motorhomes are complicated technical affairs and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re likely to end up doing more harm than good. Your motorhome insurance provider is unlikely to pay out for any repairs that have been self-inflicted so sometimes it’s best to take your vehicle to the garage.

Getting hands on with your motorhome is a great way of learning a little more about what you’re driving and it can really save you cash when it comes to repairs. Don’t take things too far if you’re in doubt and before you tinker with anything, make sure you brush up on your DIY knowledge!