Hertfordshire Police warn December drivers to be on their best behaviour

Motorhome drivers in Hertfordshire will come under close scrutiny in December as the local police force launches Operation Callback.

The initiative will focus on drink driving which is normal in the month of December but the Hertfordshire force will also keenly target drivers who use hand held devices. Chief Police Officer, Andy Bliss, is determined to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the roads of the county, and said “Anti-social and dangerous driving is a key concern for me – it’s one of the most talked-about safety issues across the county and one that affects so many people. Quite rightly they worry how safe are the roads for them and their families. Everyone has the right to use public roads without fear for their safety and confident that the constabulary is enforcing the law and keeping the highways safe. That’s why you will be hearing more from me on this issue, including how you can have a direct say in tackling unsafe driving on roads where you live.”

Officers will offer first time offenders the chance of taking a “What’s driving Us” remedial driving course and a £80 fine. Drivers who refuse that option or have previous convictions face prosecution, three penalty points on their licence and the possibility of a maximum fine of £1000. Most drivers will usually opt for the speed awareness course as it avoids penalty points and the almost certain bump up in motorhome insurance premiums.

Operation Callback is fully supported by road safety charity BRAKE and has the wholehearted backing of Hertfordshire County Council. In common with other forces making an extra presence on the roads over Christmas, campervan drivers can expect to be under observation from the early morning until late at night and in fact more drivers were caught last year between 6am and 11am than those caught after 11pm at night.