Three-Wheeled Motorhome to hit the UK Market

The thought of a three wheeled vehicle probably makes you think more of Del Boy than the Costa Del Sol, but that’s soon to change! A new three wheeler that has been in development in Japan for the past two years is due to hit UK shores earlier than expected and we’ll be seeing it in showrooms this summer. Far from being the star of a comedy show, the ‘Trios’ looks set to be a real hit in the UK, boasting massive efficiency savings over traditional four-wheeled models.

The Trios’s triangular chassis offers a much stronger base for the rest of the motorhome than the usual rectangular shape. This means that the supporting materials can weight considerably less, reducing the overall weight of the motorhome and saving you, the consumer in fuel. Equally, the three-wheeled set-up considerably reduces friction with the road surface means better handling, more fuel savings and lower motorhome insurance quotes.

It should be said that the sleeping arrangements in the Trios are quite unconventional, however. The triangular base means that customers will have the choice to situate either the driver’s cabin or the sleeping quarters in the tapered ‘point’ of the motorhome. Those preferring a more comfortable ride should opt to drive flat-side forward, which undoubtedly offers more stability, but if you’re after a good night’s sleep then you’ll find more room in reverse formation.

It is also thought that with skill, the Trios could be parked at a different angle to a traditional motorhome. It could offer considerable space saving possibilities and, in the future, we might be looking at very different campsites!

However, the lack of a fourth wheel does open up space in the cabin for a few additional features. Designed around a sleek and minimal lifestyle the Trios comes complete with a microwave-oven, a full bathroom and a small lounge. Clever features like a ‘pop-up’ flat-screen television can be added for the space conscious.

We expect to see the two-berth, three-wheeled Trios coming in at around £27,000 on the road. Though this is not cheap, it’s certainly going to appeal to economical motorhome owners. We’ll await our first test drive with anticipating and, hopefully, we’ll see the first few on the roads by the end of the summer.