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4 things every motorhome owner should pack for a family holiday

The summer holidays are mere weeks away which means that most motorhome owners have dusted off their vehicles, booked a pitch at a caravan site and are ready to take off on their annual family holiday. However, as we all know even the best laid plans can go awry – especially if children are involved! All families want from a motorhome holiday is to relax, have the children enjoy themselves and for everyone to get along, yet to ensure this happens it is imperative that you pack wisely. So here we look at four things no family should leave for their holidays’ without:

Home Comforts

One of the great things about motorhome holidays is that you don’t really feel like you are truly away from home, as your vehicle is yours to adapt and make feel like an extension of your house. This can be a great ally when it comes to taking kids away as most arguments that happen when on holiday are due to the fact that they feel uncomfortable or miss something such as their favourite toy or even their bed. If you are planning on getting on a plane it’s impossible for your kids to take a huge amount of things to comfort them, but with a motorhome you have all the space you need and no luggage restrictions!

If you have young children why not make sure they bring their own duvets and pillows with them, as well as a few of their favourite toys and books. Even though you don’t want your motorhome filled to the brim having your child feel comfortable could keep everyone happy!

Favourite Foods

Cooking on a motorhome holiday can be really exciting as just being in a different environment can make everything seem much more fun, especially for children. So before you go on holiday why not sit down as a family and talk about what meals you are going to have during your trip? You could each pick your favourite dish and then arrange what day you are going to have them so that your children (and you!) have something to look forward too. You could also take this opportunity to introduce your children to cooking in a motorhome, and teach them all about safety while having fun at the same time!

Rainy Day Back-Ups

Unless you are going somewhere in Europe that is guaranteed sun for your whole trip you should definitely plan for rain. Rainy days can be a real pain not only because it means you are stuck inside all day but also because they can put everyone in a bad mood. However, if you bring some rainy day back-ups you could even find yourself enjoying your day inside! For instance, why not bring a bunch of your favourite films, some board games, or even a games console? Even though motorhome holidays are supposed to be about going outside spending some quality time together in the warm can actually be really fun.

On the other hand, if you have a day out planned then you will need to have the equipment with you to brave the rain! Wellington boots, waterproof coats, extra thick socks and hats will keep you and your family warm and snug even if the weather is poor, and there is nothing better than coming home after being in the cold to your nice warm motorhome!

Emergency Kits

Motorhome insurance is great for when something goes wrong with your vehicle, yet unfortunately doesn’t cover all your passengers’ mistakes! No matter how safe you are with your children you will probably find at one point they will end up slipping up and scratching their knees or get a cold. This is why it’s important to make sure that your motorhome is stocked with medicines and a first aid kit before you go away, even if it’s just for a couple of days. You should also make sure that all your medicine is still in date – you don’t want to end up rushing around looking for a pharmacy when you should be enjoying yourself!

Travelling with children can be relatively stress-free if you make sure you pack for nearly every eventuality and have a few tricks up your sleeve. Just remember that happy kids mean happy parents, which is what everyone wants on holiday!

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