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A Good Night’s Sleep

If you’re out on the road or in a different campsite every night it’s not always easy to get your head down and have a good night’s rest. Particularly if you’re someone who likes the comfort of a nice spongy bed and feather pillows, sleeping in a motorhome can be a bit of an ordeal. There are a few ways to improve the quality of your sleep, though, so here are a few suggestions…

Mattress and Sleeping Bag

The most likely cause of bad sleeping habits is a mattress that doesn’t support you properly. An extra few inches of padding can make all the difference but if it’s something you really suffer from then you could consider getting a mattress made up to fit your motorhome. Equally, a cold night’s sleep is rarely a good night’s sleep so get a sleeping bag or duvet cover that is appropriate for the temperature in your motorhome.

Sleeping Space

If your sleeping space in your motorhome is a little bit tight then it’s worth taking the time to see where you can maximise room. Even when you’re asleep, uncomfortable surroundings can affect you so see whether you can move a few cabinets or perhaps create a few extra inches of legroom.

Security and Comfort

Often a bad night’s sleep is down to having something on your mind. If you’re someone who needs to get up and check the doors are locked and the headlights are turned off then indulge yourself – just put the thought out of your mind. Equally, a good motorhome insurance policy will help you sleep a lot sounder!

Travelling can be pretty taxing at times and your body needs rest so it’s fit to run the next day. If you want to be enjoying your time away to the max then you need to be getting into good sleeping patterns and a few simple changes can really help out.

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