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Accessory Sales

We all love tinkering with motorhomes, and starting off a new trip with a new gadget or a different appliance is definitely a part of the fun. But when you’ve bought these accessories and then you decide it’s time to upgrade your motorhome, you’re left with the problem of selling them on. The good news is that there is quite a market for second hand accessory sales and here are a few tips for getting rid of the things you’re selling on…

Choose your Listings

Smaller items will sell better online because buyers probably won’t want to see the item before buying. If you’re thinking of selling a trailer or perhaps an awning, then it might be smarter to advertise in print. Of course, you can combine whatever mediums you like in advertising, but remember to take down old adverts once you’ve sold on your accessories.

Accurate Descriptions

Of course you want to market your goods in the best possible light, but it’s obvious when a seller is trying to make out an item is something it’s not. Be honest with your descriptions and take space mention any damage or dysfunctional parts. If you don’t, you risk receiving complaints or, worse, a return. Just be honest: the chances are there is someone who is willing to take a reduced price for a slightly damaged item.

Good Photography

The one thing that will really sell your accessories is a few good photos. If you’re selling a large item then take one shot showing the whole item and then focus on details. Customers will want to see any areas of rust in detail and perhaps any scratches or marks. If you can, pick a nice sunny day to take your photos and shoot against a clear background: it will make your items look all the more attractive.

If you’re selling any accessories that will make a difference your motorhome insurance policy, it’s important to let your insurer know. You may even save some money on your premium. Ensure your listings are as positive as they can be, but be honest about what you have to sell: buyers will appreciate detail and you’re much more likely to sell your items quickly.

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