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Advanced Drivers are Significantly Safer on the Roads

According to a study, drivers, including motorhome owners, who take an advanced driving course after passing their driving test are more aware of other road users, road conditions and hazards on the road. The independent survey of 2,500 IAM (The Institute of Advanced Motorists) members also shows that advanced driving can save fuel and money.

Six out of ten drivers say their fuel now lasts longer as a result of taking an advanced course and motorhome owners questioned believe their advanced skills mean their motorhome insurance policy comes in cheaper because they avoid claims. In fact 66% of participants believe that an advanced driver course has helped them to avoid an incident or collision. Over three quarters of those questioned believe the course has left them with better car-handling skills. The top reasons for taking the advanced driving course are improved planning and anticipation, improved use of road space, less ‘driving on auto-pilot’, improved confidence in driving; and becoming more tolerant and aware of the behaviour of other road users. It is these reasons why insurance companies will offer a discount to anyone who has passed an advanced driving course.

Men are more likely than women to drive slower as a result of the course and women are more likely than men to become more decisive and confident. Nine out of ten feel that passing the advanced test has had a positive effect on their day-to-day driving. A poll of 17 to 29 year olds found that 49% took an advanced test to get cheaper motor insurance and 60% to reduce their risk of being involved in an accident.

IAM Chief Executive Simon Best said: “We know that educating drivers and changing their attitudes to driving makes them safer. This report also demonstrates an improvement in hazard awareness and therefore a reduction in the likelihood of an accident. Young and inexperienced drivers in particular will benefit from further coaching, but more experience on the road doesn’t mean that your attitude to driving is any healthier. Advanced drivers are significantly safer in a number of key areas, including speed, maintaining safe distances between themselves and other drivers, cornering and use of mirrors.”

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