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Advanced drivers can benefit in so many ways

It is without doubt that many motorhome enthusiasts and campervan fans are looking to cut down on their motoring costs, and will go to extra-ordinary lengths to do so, but it is also equally true that the great majority never see the answer that is staring them in the face every time they sit in the driver’s seat. What is it? The answer is simply to become a better driver.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) have hundreds of groups all over the UK that concentrate on finding ways of becoming a better driver and in most cases, a better driver is also a more economic driver. The groups generally use a system called Roadcraft which has its origins in training given to police pursuit drivers a generation ago, but is applicable to any driving situation you may find on the roads of the UK today. It focuses on position, speed, gear and acceleration giving the driver the optimum use of the skills he possesses whilst driving his car.

Advocates of the system say that not only does using the principles of Roadcraft make you a better driver it also makes motoring a cheaper proposition. Being more aware of your position on the road and the speed you are travelling will cut down on the need to use your brakes and gears which will automatically increase the mileage you get out of your fuel, but that is only the start of the savings. A safer driver will usually make fewer claims on his motorhome insurance policy which in time will bring his premiums down. He will also find repair bills will fall as will extras when the vehicle has a service. In fact a driver with advanced driving skills becomes more in tune with his vehicle altogether and usually ends up owning a vehicle for a longer time and gets more value from it.

Motorists who join advanced driving groups typically pay an annual fee of something around £15 per year which pays for the training handed out by the group’s observers and really is worth every penny when considering the benefits one can get from being a better driver.

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