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Adventure Motorhome Tips: Animation

The team at Comfort Insurance love a motorhome adventure and taking a road trip. Putting a plan together and making sure that everything is in working order ensures that there are no mishaps on the journey.

Whether you are going away for a few days or a few weeks, we have created an animation with some of our top tips to make your motorhome trip as enjoyable (and stress-free!) as possible.

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We would love to hear about your motorhome adventures and any tips that you’ve picked up along the way.

Motorhome Adventure Tips Video Transcript

Thinking about taking a long-haul motorhome adventure?

Avoid this…(bored, unorganised friends)… and achieve this (friends having fun on a campsite/festival)

Tips for planning your motorhome adventure…

1. Invest in Some Maps

Top Tip: Sat-navs can take you down roads that are too small!

2. Pack for Every Eventuality
Top Tip: Bring clothes that will keep you comfortable in all weathers!

3. Create a Back-up Plan
Top Tip: Always carry details of your motorhome insurance and break-down service.

4. Maintain your Motorhome
Top Tip: Regularly check tyre pressures, oil, windscreen and water levels.

5. Choose your locations carefully
Top Tip –Research the locations that you are visiting to discover exciting events!

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