Autumnal Driving Advice

Autumn is a wonderful time to take a trip in your motorhome. The summer rush has died down and the roads are less chaotic, which generally leads to a more relaxing and enjoyable break. Though whilst the beautiful autumn colours add an extra element to the journey, these very same leaves are one of the reasons autumnal driving can be dangerous.

Peter Rodger, head of driving standards at The Institute of Advanced Motorist’s, has compiled a list of autumnal hazards and driving tips to help make your next motorhome journey safer.

  • Clean the inside of your windscreen before you set off on your journey. The condensation and dirt build up can cause glare and reduce visibility.
  • Check your antifreeze levels or have them checked by a mechanic at your local garage prior to leaving.
  • Give your battery a clean and test it. If your battery is over 5 years old, consider having a replacement fitted.
  • Test the lights and the windscreen wipers. The blades should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt or grit. If the need replacing it is best to do it as soon as you are able to.
  • Top up your wiper fluid
  • Clean the plenum chamber thoroughly before setting off. This is the name for the gutter-like tray area between the windscreen and the bonnet. If its drains get blocked by dirt or leaves it will fill with water, which can seep through into your vehicles electrics causing considerable and expensive damage.
  • Due to the leaves, wet weather and potentially frost, road surfaces will be far slipperier than usual. Inspect your tyre tread depth, and although the legal minimum requirement is 1.6mm, if they appear to be below 3mm it is recommended you replace them.
  • Piles of leaves also gather up on main roads and driving through these at high speed can cause you to lose grip on the road and spiral out of control. Be especially cautious and slow down when approaching.
  • Have a pair of sunglasses with you, as autumn conditions often lead to glare on the road, and the low sun can also impair your visibility considerably.

Follow his advice to make sure you have the safest trip away in your motorhome this autumn.


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