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Beware of Loose Chippings

The UK’s has never been famous for top quality road surfaces, but over the last few years many country tracks and previously rough roads have been resurfaced. Though that’s great news for the long term, there are lots of road surfaces across the country which are roughly surfaced and loose. As you’ll know if you’re a car driver, loose surfaces require an extra bit of care but as a motorhome driver this is compounded and chippings can be dangerous. Here are some of the most common problems encountered by motorhome drivers on loose roads and how you can avoid them.

Lack of Grip

Surprisingly, a loose surface can really reduce the sticking power of your motorhome and taking excessive speed into a corner can mean slipping. While this isn’t so much of a problem for car owners, in a motorhome you need to be especially careful: a higher centre of gravity means your motorhome will roll easily. An incident like this will probably mean your motorhome insurance provider will need to write off your vehicle and you may seriously lose out when you claim.

Windscreen Chips

More commonly, loose chippings are prone to flicking up and chipping windscreens of motorhomes. Of course, as motorhomes get bigger, the panes of glass required to fill windscreens are getting larger and they are more prone to attract chips. You need to fill any chip as soon as you can to prevent cracking and breakage.

Tyre Treads

Finally, as anyone who owns a gravel drive will know, loose chippings can stick in your tyres for a long time. This results in accelerated wear and you needing to replace your tyres more frequently. Taking on loose road surfaces every so often isn’t a problem, but if it’s something you encounter for long periods or on a regular basis it’s important to measure your tyre tread on a regular basis to ensure you meet the legal limits.

Though there are far more dangerous things to worry about on the road, chippings are one of those little problems that can throw you off guard. Always heed the speed-limit restrictions when driving on loose surfaces and make sure to keep a good eye on the condition of your motorhome, particularly if you notice chips or cracks.

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