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Caravan and Camping Show in Full Flow

The NEC’s Spring Caravan and Camping show started earlier this week and will continue all through the weekend, and for many this is one of the real highlights of 2013. The brand new show signifies the start of spring – the time to really get thinking about summer plans and to get stocked up on exactly what you need for the coming months. If you fancy a visit for the weekend, here are our must-see top picks for the show:

Learn Something New

At the show there will be lessons for motorhome owners who want to learn how to tow a car, or just how to become a little bit more comfortable with those manoeuvres. For most of us it’s been an incredibly long time since our last driving lesson, so why not freshen up on the techniques so you’re sharp and ready to roll when summer comes. If you’re after some more extreme thrills, then why not check out the hydro-zorbing, rock climbing or kayak areas: all prove to be great fun!

Check out the Shops

There will be plenty of great accessory offers at the show, and many motorhome dealers will be happy to help you get stocked up. Equally, why not take the opportunity to have a real look around and check out some of the new motorhomes and campervans on offer for 2013? You could also visit some of the high-end brands you might not have previously thought about and find a good deal on a luxury motorhome!

Save Yourself Some Cash

Amongst all the spending at the show there are also plenty of savings to be had too! There are so many motorhome insurance policies out there that are costing motorhome owners too much for too little cover. Make sure your motorhome insurance deal does the business for you; go and talk to your insurer and see what they’re really offering you. If not, you may be able to get a much better deal online.

The show will prove to be a great event and worth a look if you’re in the area. Plus, camping facilities are available so there’s no excuse even if you’re not!

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