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Chaos Reigns as Fuel Situation Becomes Ever More Confused

Motorhome owners across the UK are now scrambling around for fuel after the Government appear to have set off panic buying with their response to a possible strike by tanker drivers.

With the prospect of an actual strike by tanker driver’s weeks away it seems the Government’s confused approach to the situation has brought about a fuel shortage of its own. Motorists including motorhome owners could be seen queuing around garage forecourts across the country yesterday with police in several regions closing down garages when queues spread out into the open highway and constituted a safety risk. It seems the advice offered by one minister to prepare for a strike by filling up jerry cans and other canisters panicked the public to such an extent that fuel sales have almost doubled in the last two days.

Brian Maddison, chairman of the Retail Motor Industry Petrol Division, put the blame squarely on the government, saying “Sales of unleaded have soared by 170 percent with diesel up by almost 80 percent as a result of the warnings from ministers. The rush for fuel has caused a backlog for hauliers and they will have difficulty catching up. It’s not going to be very easy at all. I think we’re probably heading towards some difficulty this weekend just because the backlog is starting to approach two to three days.”

In the meantime motorhome insurance experts are warning owners not to jeopardise their policies by storing fuel in the vehicle or in the place where it is kept in any great quantities. A spokesman for one insurer advised enthusiasts planning long trips over the Easter break to plan their trips carefully and just see how the situation develops suggesting they should also ensure their policy includes breakdown cover.

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