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Choosing the Perfect Motorhome for you and your Family

Planning to take the family away for a weekend? You could skip the hotel and any check-in headaches by buying your very own motorhome! However, if you don’t know where to start we have provided some pointers to help you choose the perfect motorhome for you:

Types of Motorhomes

There are several different types of motorhome each of which is designed for different requirements, which is why if you are planning on embarking on a family holiday it is essential you find the right one for you!

On the smaller scale of motorhomes are the micro motorhome and the campervan which are small van-based versions of cars. Generally, they provide living space for a maximum of two people in the back and more commonly than not they have a single berth which extends from the roof. These types of motorhome are designed to be comfortable in transit and also when stationary and they will comfortably sleep 2 – 3 people, depending on how the interior is designed. If you have a small family then this compact type of vehicle may be right for you, however we wouldn’t advise them if you are going on a long road trip!

If you are looking for a larger motorhome model for you and your family, a coach-built motorhome could be right for you. These types of motorhomes can be identified by their low profile and over-cab storage. Coach-built motorhomes can generally accommodate 3 or more people, however they also provide more living space and facilities, which means you will be able to keep out of each other’s hair!

Finally, if you have a particularly large family, or just want to make sure everyone has a good amount of space, you should think of investing in an A class motorhome. These motorhomes are large enough to sleep 4 – 5 people easily, and they also include toilet and cooking facilities. They are also large enough to accommodate TV’s and games consoles, meaning that your kids can take their home comforts with them!

New vs. Used Motorhomes

Just like when you’re buying a car, when you’re investing a motorhome plumping for new or used has its upsides and downsides. First, new motorhomes; these can be built to your exact needs and you can add optional equipment from the factory, which means that you are guaranteed to have something that will appeal to your entire family. If you invest in a new motorhome you will also benefit from a warranty, and as you are the only person to have owned it you’ll be less likely to find any nasty surprises further down the road!

Second, used vehicles; these are cost-effective and you can usually pick up a real bargain on vehicles that are only a few years old. It is vehicles that are a few years old with one or maybe two previous owners that can present the best bargains, as they will still be relatively modern with the latest technology. If you haven’t been on a motorhome holiday with your family before it may be an idea to invest in a second hand motorhome first to see what everyone thinks, and then when you buy your own vehicle you will know the amenities that everyone would like!

Don’t forget, even though new motorhomes are usually more expensive than second hand vehicles, they are actually more affordable than you think. A number of companies offer tempting finance packages which will help you to spread the cost, and if you team this with a cheap motorhome insurance policy you will be able to enjoy your new motorhome sooner than you think!

Motorhome Brands

Once you have figured out what type of motorhome you and your family need and whether you are going to buy new or used, you can begin to explore the many different brands of motorhome. Some top motorhome brands include Autocruise, Auto-Sleepers, Auto-Trail, Bailey, Bessacarr, Elddis, Swift and Tribute, while more cost-effective brands include Compass, Hobby, Mooveo and Rapido. If you have never bought a motorhome before then it may be a good idea to go and visit a motorhome show so that you can see all the models available. Motorhome shows are also a great day out for all the family, so why not look for upcoming shows in your area?

Buying a new motorhome can be great fun for all the family, and if you get everyone involved you will be able to ensure that everyone will be happy with the model you buy. So start searching today!

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