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Classic campers always a target for thieves

Statistics gleaned from the British Crime Survey suggest owners of Classic campervans and mobile homes should always have their motorhome insurance up to date as they are a target for vehicle thieves.

The survey gave a detailed list of items stolen from vehicles for a 12 month period between 2010/2011 and exterior fittings came out top of the pile. In fact over 40% of thefts from vehicles fell into this category and icons such as badges and trim were the main targets. It has been a problem for owners of classic VW campervans for many years and the problem does not appear to be abating.

Second in the list according to the survey and accounting for 15% of vehicle thefts came “valuables”. A category that more or less encompasses wallets, purses and handbags and of course, the objects inside them. Third in the list came electrical equipment, mainly made up of laptops and computer accessories. These three categories made up about two thirds of all thefts from vehicles and the radio which not so long ago was the main item stolen in the UK came in at fourth on the list. Other items that finished in the top ten included mobile phones, sunglasses (no wonder they were left in the campervan this year!), CDs DVDs tools and vehicle parts! Yes according to the survey thieves have managed to steal car seats, parcel shelves, steering wheels and even dashboards. Incredibly the theft of such items accounts for 8% of the grand total. Wheels managed to make the top ten as a single item and overall accounted for 2% of thefts.

The message clearly remains the same for drivers of mobile homes anywhere in the country, and that is always park in the most secure place available, and always take anything of value out of the vehicle if you possibly can.

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