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Custom Built Accessories

Motorhome with Custom Built AccessoriesThe motorhome community isn’t exactly small, but within it there is quite a lot of variety as to what people want and, of course, what businesses supply. Whether it’s a fully customised conversion or just a tow-bar that fits, everyone wants something different and that’s why there is a strong and growing market for custom motorhome accessories. So, have you been looking for something you just can’t find? Why not go custom?

Specialist Companies

If you know what you want, the first thing you need to do is speak to a specialist company who will very likely have a great deal of expertise on exactly what you’re after. You’d be amazed how many specialists there are in the UK and a lot of them came about just because they were motorhome fanatics who wanted to solve a problem for themselves! Use the internet but also ask around: a lot of smaller specialists won’t be online.

Converters and Mechanics

If you want something really specific then why not approach a converter or a mechanic directly? Find out a little about the sort of work different companies do and approach them with what you want. Be clear on your specifics and measurements and you could very soon have the perfect part on your hands. Use the vast expertise of these engineers and be prepared to pay for it – it’s incredibly skilled work.

Integrating Custom Parts

Even if you can find just the right part or accessory, you still might need to get it fitted. Again, a specialist motorhome converter may be a good place to go but you may be just fine with an ordinary mechanic. Also, you should let your motorhome insurance provider know and check that you’re not adding anything which will interfere with the tax status of your vehicle; a new towbar might mean you’ll need to pay more.

There is a wealth of expertise in the UK and around the world when it comes to conversions – you just need to tap into it! Custom parts can be great value and, best of all, they’re designed specifically for your motorhome: there’s no chance of a bad fit!

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