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Cutting Down the Cost of Camping

saving moneyMotorhome camping is perhaps not the absolute cheapest way to see Europe or the UK, but it is certainly up there. Once you’ve incurred the hire or purchase costs of your motorhome and the associated motorhome insurance, it’s possible to camp on an extremely low budget. If you’re not careful however, the costs of camping can start to spiral and before you know it you’re spending more time concerned about the credit card statement than you are about having fun. So, to help you enjoy your holidays here are a few tips for making that camping trip a little cheaper without sacrificing fun!

Check your Consumption

One of the biggest costs when you’re camping is consumables; food for you and fuel for your motorhome. Firstly, you should check your motorhome’s fuel economy is as good as it can be and make sure you’re not carrying excess weight. Secondly, having a think about what you’re cooking and eating can make a massive difference to your costs. Meat-heavy diets, lots of alcohol and eating out often cost much more than you realise when you’re camping because, often, you simply consume more! Rethink some tasty but cheap meals and integrate them into your stay.

Spending to Stay

There are literally thousands of campsites in the UK of varying quality but, most importantly, they are extraordinarily diverse. Some are little more than a field and a shower block, others have amusement parks, swimming pools and a host of restaurants to keep you occupied.

When looking at where to stay, really think hard about what features you need and what you don’t. If, for example, you’re just looking for somewhere to base yourself while you hike the mountains, there’s no point paying for pools you just won’t use!

Make a Budget

It might not sound like your idea of fun in any way, but budgeting can really take a weight off your mind when it comes to spending money. You can calculate fuel costs more or less exactly based upon the sort of travelling you intend to do and, on top of this, you can have a close estimate of a food budget. If you’re cooking, around £30 per week per person should see you through comfortably.

This process also helps you to understand if there are likely to be any shortcomings before they actually arise. It gives you an opportunity, if required, to talk to the bank and arrange extended credit.

Fun for Free

Rather than spend your time queuing for theme parks or stuck in expensive museums, why not get out there and enjoy what’s available for free? Not only are there plenty of stunning places in the UK to travel to and enjoy, but there are also lots of amusements that charge no entry whatsoever.

It can, of course, be tough to persuade the kids that having fun for free is the way to go. A good remedy to this is often to plan a day or two where you indulge the young ones. Compromise tends to work well!

Seek Out the Deals

Spending a little time looking for the best deals of typical camping items is well worth doing. Many campsites, for example, offer discounts for extended stays. Rather than moving around too much, it may be much cheaper to stay in one place.

Equally, most of us have a supermarket loyalty card of some sort hanging around that never gets used. Your camping trip can be a great time to unlock the benefits of that and use it to get yourself a free day out.

Do Your Own Thing

If you camp with others, it’s often quite a political experience, particularly if they’re a little better off than you are. Don’t create an atmosphere where you feel obliged to follow their every move – it’s great to do things separately and it can save you a few pennies.

It’s not always easy to do your own thing, but it’s about creating an atmosphere where you’re all comfortable with each other’s needs. For example, there’s no harm of ducking out of a slap-up dinner one night if you’d rather spend the cash elsewhere – whoever you’re travelling with may even appreciate a bit of peace and quiet for one night!

Camping is an extraordinarily flexible affair and you can really do well if you think about what you’re spending while you go along. A good budget will help you to keep that credit card in check and will help you to just enjoy your trip. After all, the one time you don’t want to be worrying about money is when you’re on holiday!

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