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The campervan community is well known for their green credentials by making sparse use of water, electricity and always being respectful of where and how they travel. Now, though, as there is increasing pressure for us to all start considering our carbon footprint, many campervan owners are taking big steps to make sure their travels are as environmentally friendly as possible. How can you make your campervan even more efficient and even more eco-friendly?

Heaters and Air-Conditioning

You may have read our blog last week about powerful air conditioning systems which are great at keeping you cool in the summer but aren’t so energy efficient because, often, they run off your fuel supply. They need to be used in moderation and where you only need a small change in temperature, try opening doors and windows before reaching straight for the air-con remote.

Solar Panels

You probably won’t have seen many campervans equipped with solar panels on the road yet, but there are some excellent models available specifically for campervans. You can fit systems which add charge to your battery which can then be used to power utilities around your campervan. If you’re thinking of adding fixed solar panels to your campervan, make sure you take out a good campervan insurance policy which covers possible damages or theft.


It’s important to dispose of your waste appropriately as sanitary chemicals or disused parts like batteries can cause serious environmental hazards if they end up in landfill. Most good campsites will have appropriate areas for disposing of waste so make sure you follow advice and it’s better to keep hold of batteries or electrical waste until you get home where you can dispose of them responsibly.

Small things can make a real difference to the environment and whether you want to invest in some portable solar panels or just look after your heating waste, you’d be doing your bit.

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