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Eco Motorhomes

The drive to reduce emissions, cut down on waste and generally make the planet a better place to live is not restricted to discussions in Westminster or high end businesses, you and your motorhome can really help make a difference! What can you do to make sure you’re as green as possible?

Waste and Recyclables

Wasting as little as possible is best and think when you’re on the road about what sort of food you can store. Over a third of food in Britain goes to waste and with a limited fridge space campers are often the worst of the lot! Even though it’s difficult when you’re travelling, try and recycle what you can, too. It might make sense to start a recycling box in your motorhome and when you reach a point which does have separate bins you can decant everything off.

Fuel and Emissions

Simple things can really help you cut down on your fuel usage and emissions. In some cases using a ‘greener’ fuel can be more efficient, though they are usually more expensive at the pumps. Make sure you don’t unnecessarily leave your engine running for long periods of time and if appliances aren’t in use then make sure you switch them off.

Big Conversions

There’s every reason to dream big when it comes to motorhomes and you do see vehicles with solar panels fitted and even the occasional wind-turbine! Though these ideas might be a bit nutty, fitting a catalytic converter can really help you cut down on what you’re using and what you’re spending. If you are thinking of modifying your motorhome at all though make sure to let you motorhome insurance provider know.

There are plenty of ways that motorhome owners can chip in and help the green cause and the only limit is your imagination. Start small with recycling and cutting down on waste and perhaps you’ll end up getting the green bug!

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