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Family Motorhome Tips: Animation

At Comfort Insurance we know how daunting it can be taking your family on a motorhome trip. However, motorhome holidays are great for families because of the flexibility and freedom they give – it really is a fantastic experience for both young children and adults. We’ve put together a quick animation with some of our top tips when planning a motorhome holiday to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing break.

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Motorhome Family Tips Video Transcript

Thinking about taking a motorhome trip with your family?

Not sure where to start?

– It’s not as scary as you think!

Avoid this…(busy family looking worried/stressed)… and achieve this (close family looking relaxed and happy)

Tips for planning your motorhome holiday…

1. Choose your ideal location

Top Tip: There are plenty of places to discover in the UK as well as Europe!

2. Work out your budget

– Consider food, pitch fees and activities

Top Tip: BBQ’s around the campsite can save some pennies and are great fun!

3. Pack and plan sensibly

Top Tip: Keep room for all the fun stuff like games, wet suits and racquets!

4. Research campsites & local areas

Top Tip: Get the kids involved and don’t over plan!

5. Check your motorhome is ready to set off

Top Tip: Check tyre pressures, oil, windscreen and water levels.

– Don’t forget to top up on snacks for your journey!

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