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Fridge and Freezer Care for Motorhomes

It’s tough knowing how and when to defrost your fridge, freezer or even a fridge-freezer at home, let alone in a motorhome where a flood is likely not just to damage your kitchen floor but your upholstery and even your bed! So, to save you the trouble, here’s our quick guide to fridge and freezer care for motorhomes.

When to Defrost?

Opinions vary as to the best time to defrost a freezer, but if you’re leaving your motorhome unused for any length of time it’s best to give it a good defrosting. Use a few absorbent (and old) towels and a hairdryer to speed up the process and it really shouldn’t take you long. This also means you can switch the fridge off and leave it alone over the winter. If you’re a frequent user then every three months or whenever you see ice build-up is a good time.

Servicing Agreements

It’s worth investigating how the servicing agreement on your fridge works and it’s quite possible that you will have a warrantee which will protect against manufacturing faults. To honour this, however, you may be required to undertake services anything up to every six months. As a broken fridge may not be too easy to claim on your motorhome insurance, it’s worth keeping up with the agreement.

Saving Energy

Your fridge-freezer is one of the most expensive appliances to run in your motorhome, so it’s worth switching off your motorhome fridge whenever possible. Remember it will take a few hours to get cold when you switch it back on again, so be prepared and perhaps use campsite fridges to tide you over.

Fridge-freezers are great convenience items but they do need a little looking after. Keep up with warrantee agreements as best you can and make sure you’re saving all the energy you can – it’s not just the planet that will benefit, it’s your wallet!

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