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In-car black box recorder sales continue to rise

Campervan drivers are amongst the increasing number of young drivers fitting black box recorders in their vehicles in an attempt to reduce their campervan insurance premiums.

Research shows that sales of the telematic devices that are fitted in the dashboard of vehicles have grown dramatically recently and it is probably down to the spiralling cost of motor insurance for young drivers. In 2008 just 12,000 black boxes were fitted to vehicles in the UK, by the end of 2011 180,000 had been placed into motor vehicles. The box records many aspects of how the vehicles is driven and monitors the speed, acceleration and braking habits of the driver, it also records the number of hours the car is used and, importantly for insurance providers who will assess the policy premium on information gleaned from the device, the time of day the vehicle is driven.

Kelly Thompson is eighteen years old and desperate to reduce her insurance costs, she installed a telematics device in her vehicle which is valued at no more than £1000 and reported: “My first set of insurance quotes were unbelievable, I had one asking for almost £8,000. That’s when I decided to install the black box. My premiums are now under £1500 and I can mange that.”

Of course the premiums will only come down if the device records information that suggests the motorist is driving responsibly and safely but Graham Trudghill who works for the British Insurance Brokers Association is convinced the black box recorders are here to stay saying: “We think there are going to be half a million more policies in the next two years. So you can expect more and more brands, more and more products from insurance brokers and insurers coming out.”

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