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Insurance providers braced for a busy weekend as storms wreak havoc once again

After another 24 hours of chaotic weather conditions across much of the UK, motorhome insurance providers along with other insurance providers will be bracing themselves for a busy weekend as claims begin to pour in.

Massive storms from as far south as the Cotswolds and as far north as Northern Ireland left UK citizens without power, disruption to the transport system and millions of pounds worth of damage to homes and vehicles. Sadly one man died when he was swept away by a swollen stream in Ludlow, Shropshire.

The North East and in particular the area around Newcastle was badly affected with up to 15,000 homes without power overnight and over 7,000 still without power this morning. Hundreds of vehicles will be written off as car parks resembled lakes and almost covered the vehicles parked up inside. Jim Knight, from Whitley Bay, Northumberland used his campervan to help several stranded motorists get to dry land on his way from Gateshead to Newcastle and said: “The route was more like Venice than Newcastle, the main road was chock-a-block with vehicles while the side streets off it were flooded, just like the canals in Venice.” Flooding was so bad that the Metro train network and even the Tyne Tunnel had to be closed, as did over 40 schools.

Hundreds of unlucky train passengers were stranded several times on a journey from London to Glasgow which in the end took over 15 hours to complete. Passengers endured a landslide, a fire and floods before they eventually arrived in Glasgow with one passenger telling TV crews: “They’d gone through everything except pestilence.”

Further south motorists saw their vehicles take thousands of pounds of damage when hailstones as big as golf balls wreaked havoc with the bodywork of their vehicles during a thunderstorm. Weather forecasters are predicting a quieter day for the storm affected regions today but say there is no sign yet of summer arriving.

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