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Keeping your Motorhome Safe with Technology

Image of KeysThese days there is a gadget for everything, including keeping your motorhome safe. In fact, a number of motorhome owners now rely on technology in order to deter thieves and protect them should they be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, there has recently been a rise in ‘smash for cash’ motorhome insurance claims in the UK, where fraudsters purposely cause accidents in order to make money.

Comfort Insurance has previously warned motorhome owners about the dangers of smash for cash schemes, especially as accidents involving motorhomes can be extremely dangerous. For example, in order to cause an accident, fraudsters will purposely pull in front of a motorhome then slam on the breaks, or they will signal for a motorhome to go at a junction then pull out and collide with them.

In order to protect themselves from these types of accidents, some motorhome owners have already decided to install ‘dash-cams’ in their vehicles which record each and every journey. By having your journeys recorded, if you are ever involved in an accident you will be able to provide irrefutable evidence to your motorhome insurance provider or even a legal representative. Furthermore, if you witness an accident while on the road you will be able to provide the footage as evidence if you feel that one of the parties was attempting to take part in a smash for cash scam.

Steve Cherry, who works for Phantom Tracking Systems and Accessories, has sold numerous dash cam systems to motorhome owners over the years. He said: “We provide our customers with the latest and most up to date tracking technology in order to protect themselves both on and off the road. Our Phantom Pro3 dash cam is particularly popular, as it checks into our central sever twice a day, every day and reports its position and battery level as well as records any mileage travelled.

“This type of dash cam also has a unique SIM card allowing it to utilise any network across the UK and in over twenty eight European countries. All this information is accessed through our online portal or Android ‘App’ [at the time of writing the Apple version is near to completion], where you can check where your motorhome is at any point in time and its current battery levels. Users also have access to a historical 30 day graph of voltage levels – great for keeping your eyes open for any unexpected events.”

“When it comes to protection off-road, users can receive texts and phone calls to confirm any alerts of power cuts, and there is even a new ‘tow alert’ system that advises owners if their motorhome has been moved without ignition. You can even upgrade your service to record all your journeys and then replay the routes!” While new technology is beneficial to motorhome owners, there are some simple things that they can also do to protect their vehicles.

Ben Cue, Comfort Insurance’s Head of Operations, said: “While investing in a dash cam or a tracker is a great way to keep your vehicle safe, there are also some common sense practices that you should adopt. For instance, always make sure that you lock your motorhome’s doors and windows properly before heading out, and never leave any valuables where people can see them. Even the most advanced technology doesn’t make up for carelessness!”

Along with ensuring that your motorhome is never damaged or stolen, installing advanced technology could also keep you and your passengers safe on your journeys. It also means that potential thieves or smash for cash fraudsters will be deterred from targeting your vehicle as it is much less likely that they will get away with it.

Want more ways to keep your motorhome safe and secure? Check out Comfort Insurance’s top three tips:

  1. Do everything you can do to secure your motorhome manually. Lock the doors, add deadbolts on the inside entry doors and use wheel clamps when stationary for a period of time. When abroad stay on registered sites and avoid staying at service stations wherever possible.
  2. Use window blinds. Many thieves are opportunists that will move on to the next target if they cannot see what they are breaking into.
  3. Install an alarm and/or tracker. An alarm serves as an immediate audio deterrent and a tracker is your best possible chance of recovering your motorhome if it’s stolen.

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