Life on the Road in a Motorhome with your Family


We are now hearing more and more stories of families who are packing up and selling all their possessions including their home and car to start a life on the road. Around 1.3 million people have opted for this life in America. Of course this option is easier if you have really young children or children who are grown up and moved out. Although this sounds like a distant dream for many, it may not be as difficult as you think. With this is mind we have put together a few tips on how you could start your new adventure.

Of course there are the huge decisions to make such as selling your home, what motorhome will you be using, what type of motorhome insurance will you need and will you even be able to afford life on the road. There are some smaller issues that may be over looked as a result of the bigger decisions that need to be made.


Being organised is very important when planning your trip. You should consider who you are going to have your post mailed to so they can forward it on to you periodically. As a result of the post not being delivered you will have to consider who you will pay your bills for example. The easiest way is to pay online however there may be the odd instance when this option just isn’t available. If this does happen you should warn whoever is expecting a payment in advance that your post is only delivered periodically and that they shouldn’t charge you in the case of a late payment. This should usually be satisfactory.


Of course the burning question is how much it costs to live on the road. Well when it comes down to it, it can cost as much or as little as you would like depending on the lifestyle you choose to live once you are away. Planning ahead will mean you can find cheap campsites to stay at rather than rushing last minute and paying above what is necessary. Another money saving tip would be not to stay in one place for too long. This is because long term campers will usually be charged for using electricity. One couple in America have said they tend to spend around $40 a month except in the winter when the cost is usually around the $80 mark.

Many campsites also have free wifi, it may make life easier to pay for your own wireless internet, especially if you are trying to generate an income online through a website like many others who are following this lifestyle.

By cooking your own food rather than eating out will save you a lot of money and will often lead to a healthier lifestyle as restaurant food tends to come in larger than average portions. Planning your weekly meals, just like you would if you were living in a house is also important to avoid wasting any food. This will also save you money.

Just because you plan everything doesn’t mean you will be able to follow it at all times. There will be the unexpected payments that need to be paid so having some spare emergency money is recommended. This is especially true with the fluctuating fuel prices. You may want to consider staying for longer in one campsite and using a car to travel around the local area in times of high fuel prices.

Which Motorhome?

When you are choosing which motorhome you want to buy, it is best to consider how much you can spend, this will inevitably be the deciding factor on which one you purchase. There are other option though for example, you could buy a caravan and tow it from your car. Although this does mean you will need a car with enough horsepower to tow a caravan.

Also if you are travelling with children you will have to look into schooling them so they don’t miss out on anything.

These are just some of the things that need to be considered before moving your life to on the road. Like most things it is essential to plan as much as you can and also ensure that you have some emergency funds for the times when the unexpected does occur. There are ways in which you can make money while you are on the road such as running a website, but again this all needs time and money to ensure that it will provide you with a steady source of income whilst you are travelling.

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