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Limits and Restrictions


We get plenty of embarrassing motorhome insurance claims here at Comfort Insurance, but some of the most common involve height, weight or width restrictions. It’s easy to miss the signs, but even the signs are no use if you don’t know your own limits! Here’s our guide to height, weight and width restrictions and a few tips on how to avoid getting caught out.

Absolute and Relative Limits

It’s important to remember that the limits in your manual won’t necessarily correspond to the actual loaded weight of your motorhome. Similarly, your height will vary quite dramatically depending on how loaded your motorhome is and depending on your tyre pressures. Width limits tend to be absolute, but beware: your wing-mirrors could be your widest part and are easily susceptible to being removed!

A Quick-Reference Page

It may sound silly, but a lot of motorhome owners will write their vital statistics in large, easily readable text somewhere that’s easily visible from the dashboard. That way, any time you see a sign you can easily check and know straight away. Don’t forget, if you’re travelling in Europe your height won’t be much use in feet and inches: it’s worth having a metre and kilo-gram conversion too.

Buy a Good Satnav

Your satnav can be your best guide and special models can be set to incorporate height and weight limits. If you’re someone who can be forgetful about these sorts of things then don’t take any chances: set your satnav to give you a verbal reminder whenever you come to a dangerous point.

Don’t get caught out by weight, height or width restrictions and make sure you know your limits. Even if you don’t end up damaging your vehicle, you could end up with a difficult reversing situation, so avoid it while you can!

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