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LPG Conversions


Even to the causal motorhome enthusiast it’s pretty clear that driving and running a motorhome isn’t cheap. To start with you need to spend around about the £30,000 mark on a motorhome, potentially a few thousand a year on a service and that’s before you’ve even put in any petrol to get anywhere! Because of this, converting motorhomes to run on LPG (that’s liquified petroleum gas) is becoming a much more popular option amongst the motorhome community.

Why LPG?

LPG allows you to run your motorhome at about the same efficiency rate: for a litre of LPG you will be able to do about the same number of kilometers as your petrol or diesel model. But, LPG retails at about half the price of petrol and that margin is rising. A conversion could, potentially, halve the costs of running your motorhome in the long run.

Modern Technology

As with all modern developments, there are some drawbacks. The conversion itself could cost you a good amount and it may change the price of your motorhome insurance policy: it’s important to look at a variety of different quotes before you buy. Also, there are considerably fewer LPG filling stations around the country so you need to be a little more careful when planning.

Costs and Benefits

The best way to figure out if LPG is for you is to run a bit of analysis. Think about how much you could save based upon how many miles you expect to do in a year and compare this to the cost of the initial conversion. Do this for a few years and you’ll come out with a figure about when you can expect to claw back savings. If it looks like you can save within two or three years you LPG might be the way to go.

Whether to go for LPG or not is very circumstantial and even if it saves you money you do need to make sure there is a filing station near to home and around your typical holiday destinations. Whatever your decision, LPG is food for thought and watch out: we could see more fully LPG machines coming off the production line in the future.

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