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More people deciding to stay in the UK for a holiday

It may be doom and gloom all the way for the economy during the next twelve months; however, one sector looks set for a bright future. The Caravan and Motorhome Show has just finished in Manchester and by the number of visitors attending, it shows more and more of us are going to be enjoying this type of holiday in the coming year.

As the nation teeters on the brink of recession again, the caravan industry is proving an unexpectedly dogged success story. The downside of driving the holiday home or having it hitched to the back of a vehicle is that, unless the owner does an awful lot of driving, they will still be at the mercy of the UK weather. Forecasters have promised us barbecue summers in each of the last three years, and despite this not being delivered it did not deter the lovers of caravan and motorhomes from getting out and about, which was a boost to the ailing economy.

There are 7,000 motorhomes sold each year with an average value of around £40,000 and that is just the new ones. There are thousands more used ones being driven throughout the UK spending money that goes into the local economy via the shops and attractions which is a great way of supporting Great Britain. There has been a huge increase in the number of young families turning to mobile homes for a holiday and for them, the ease of organising such a holiday makes a big difference, basically all they need to do is take out motorhome insurance and hit the roads. The two big organisations, the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club, have a total membership of 1.5m in the United Kingdom and this number is expected to keep increasing.

Sam North, director of the Caravan and Motorhome Show, said “People are coming to caravanning after taking other types of holiday in the past. They are recognising that it’s very affordable, very flexible and a new caravan or motorhome has all the mod cons you’d expect. There are more and more restrictions at airports, the euro is not what it was, and the cost of air travel is increasing. There are lots of reasons for people to choose to holiday in the UK, and it’s possible to make your decision that little bit later if you have a caravan or motorhome sitting on the drive at home, rather than having to commit yourself to a big spend months ahead of time.”

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