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gavelThanks to the online revolution, the auction has come back in a very big way. Selling at auction is a quick and guaranteed way of trading in an old motorhome, while there are some great deals to be had if you’re a buyer. You do, however, need to know a few tricks of the trade if you’re thinking of buying either online or at an auction house. Here are our top tips for buying a motorhome at auction:

Set an Absolute Budget

Adrenaline gets going very quickly when auctions are involved and you can almost guarantee that your brain won’t be thinking straight when the actual auction is taking place. Don’t leave it to chance – set an absolute budget that you won’t break and if you win, you win, if you lose, you lose. You should ensure you have the cash available to pay for the motorhome there and then, and don’t forget to factor in the costs of tax and motorhome insurance.

Do Your Research before the Auction

If you buy something on the fly, you won’t know enough detail to make a sensible bid on it. It’s true that some lots simply don’t attract demand for a particular buy, and you can make a good deal on it, but most of the time there’s a reason the price is low. This is especially true for online auctions where you can be assured that low bidders know what they’re doing.

Think Practically

If you do end up making a purchase, how are you going to get it home? Do you need to bring a friend with you to share the driving? If you’re buying online, always check the location carefully: a 300 mile drive back from wherever you make the purchase is going to add considerably to your costs so factor in even the small expenses. They might make a purchase seem a little less feasible.

Buying at auction takes a bit of nerve, so why not visit an auction first, or follow a van online, before making the bid yourself. Happy bidding and, remember, only break the budget rule if it’s something really, really special!

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