Campsite with Caravan and Awning

Motorhome Awnings

Awnings are very popular these days and it’s a great way to maximise the space inside and outside of your campervan or motorhome. Awnings can be great for dining under and admiring the stars or just somewhere dry but outdoors to leave dirty boots, bikes or dogs.

Finding an Awning

There are as many different types of awning as your imagination will allow and different types of vehicle will need different awnings. There’s plenty of choice for caravan or motorhome owners from full awnings which stretch the length of the vehicle to smaller annexes or even just sun canopies. For campervans it can be a little more restrictive as the particular awning has to be fitted to your model. However, plenty of places will make up a custom awning for you if you have something a little bit out of the ordinary.

Safety and Etiquette

Obviously putting up awnings can be tiresome – it’s essentially a more complicated tent and probably one of the reasons you bought a motorhome was to avoid putting up tents at all! Even if it’s tough, don’t take risks or be tempted to climb on top of your motorhome and don’t use the awning for support – it’ll keep the rain out but not a human being. Equally, some campsites are quite stringent on pitch size so ensure that your awning allows those next to your plenty of room to manoeuvre.


Awnings are prone to theft or accident, so ensure you are covered on your motorhome insurance and never leave anything valuable inside an awning – it can be a real temptation for opportunist thieves. Make sure there’s always a locked door between the outside world and your possessions: especially overnight.

Awnings are cheap, fun ways to maximise your exposure to the outdoors and useful kit to have. Do a test run on putting your awning up away from the wind before you leave and make sure to keep your possessions locked away in your motorhome or campervan overnight.

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