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Motorhome Clutch Care

Motorhomes weigh a lot and, consequently, it takes an incredible amount of force to move them at all, let alone to send them along a motorway at sixty miles-per-hour! And, if you think about it, all of this work is done in a tiny little part of your motorhome – your clutch. Without a clutch your motorhome isn’t going anywhere but, unfortunately, clutches do suffer from limited lifespans. How can you prolong the life of your clutch when driving your motorhome?

Go Easy

Remember what you were taught when you learnt to drive! Your motorhome clutch isn’t designed to whirr at five-thousand revolutions per minute extensively, and though it will go there occasionally, it’s not good practice to do it time and time again. Hitting the biting point at these sorts of speeds leads to considerable friction and wear, so remember to go easy.

Use your Handbrake Well

Whenever you can, use your handbrake rather than your footbrake. Using your footbrake and holding your clutch at biting point will cause it to wear over time, so relieve some of the strain and just flick the handbrake on.

Seeking Replacements

Unfortunately clutches do wear down but if your clutch actually breaks, it could do further damage to your engine. Keep your motorhome well serviced and well maintained and spot out any potential weaknesses before they happen. A new clutch is usually counted as ‘wear and tear’ so might not be covered on your motorhome insurance so it’s worth looking after it!

A few changes to your driving technique could give you and extra two or three years of life on your clutch, so look after it and you could just save yourself a bit of cash.

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