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Motorhome Discounts and Deals

Whether you’re someone who prefers scouring the showrooms or crawling through the classifieds, there is always a deal to be had on a new motorhome, particularly if you know how and when to buy. When looking out for the best deals it’s important to remember that it’s not about finding the model you want at the lowest price, it’s about coming to an arrangement that is good for both parties, so here are our top tips for getting the right deal!

Trade Discounts and Promotions

By buying a motorhome at the right time you’ll expose yourself to discounts and promotions offered by traders and dealers. Buying during the off-season is usually a good time to make the most of promotions but often dealers will follow the sales on the high street – when stock needs to go, it often goes cheap!

Hidden Extras

Often potential buyers fail to factor in the full costs of buying a new motorhome and, actually, a handful of extra perks from a dealer might save you almost as much as a discount off the list price. For example, if your dealer is inclined to throw in a year’s tax, warranty or motorhome insurance you might save as much as 5% off the headline price.

Second Hand Deals

Often second hand deals can be very lucrative and you can afford to be a bit creative. If someone is looking to sell quickly then work with them, but don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price. Or, for example, you might have a few added gadgets on your old motorhome that you could pass on as a part of a deal, or maybe even a swap. Never be afraid to ask!

Before buying, just take an hour to do some quality research and find out some facts about what really is available. Whatever the suggested prices are for a particular motorhome, remember that it’s only worth what you’re going to pay and what your seller is willing to sell, so don’t be afraid to be bold!

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