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Motorhome Food Hygiene

Motorhome kitchens are great places to cook up a feast and unlike a camping stove or a hotel, you really can get stuck in with your cookery. However, given the constraints on space in your motorhome and the proximity of your living areas to your kitchen, you do need to take extra care with food hygiene. Illness and food poisoning can strike very easily if you’re not careful. Here are our top tips for keeping your motorhome safe and hygienic:

Take Extreme Care with Meat

When handling meat in any kitchen it’s essential to wash your hands afterwards, but it’s extremely important in a motorhome. Poor food hygiene spreads germs, which can then be circulated by your motorhome’s air conditioning units. You need to be especially careful with raw chicken and pork, and while typically you’re safer with red meat, it’s good practice to keep raw meat self-contained.

Storage Hygiene

Most motorhome owners like to have some items in stock such as rice, pasta and a few tins all year round, just in case of a spontaneous trip. That’s absolutely fine, but food stored in your motorhome needs to be completely sealed or it’s very likely to attract mice. Mice will nibble on your food and eventually on your upholstery, and you may find it difficult to evict them once they’re settled – particularly if you need to claim on your motorhome insurance.

Fridge and Freezer Temperatures

Because a motorhome moves around its average temperature tends to change and even if you have a good air conditioning unit, you can expose your motorhome to real extremes of temperature. That variation means you need to be more careful with your fridge and freezer than you might be at home; keep a thermometer in the fridge and make sure you know your optimum temperatures.

Once you set a standard for food hygiene it very quickly becomes habit and whilst it’s important at home, it’s vital in your motorhome. Take care with raw meat and long term storage and don’t just expect your fridge to be cool: it might take some adjustment before you can use it properly.

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