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Motorhome Owners to Show their Support for Great British Forests

Many Brits will be heading off in their motorhomes this summer and a large number of them are planning to visit one of the United Kingdom’s stunning forests. The nation’s woodlands have some of the most stunning attractions and they provide the ideal location for walking, biking and observing the vast array of wildlife.

However, these gorgeous forests are increasingly coming under threat from industrialisation and there are major fears that the forests as they are known today may slowly disappear from the landscape to make room for housing and shopping complexes. Controversial plans announced by the coalition in 2011 included proposals for selling-off parts of the Public Forest Estate (PFEs). However, these plans were shelved after a UK-wide public backlash. An independent panel report on forestry is also calling for the protection of public forests and increased access for everyone to the nation’s woodlands. The campaign is being backed by the Ramblers Association, which claims that everyone should be able to access forests for recreation as it has significant health and well-being benefits.

Benedict Southworth, Ramblers chief executive, commented “An independent panel, which included representatives from landowners and industry, has told us something that we all knew in our hearts to be true: all English people should have access to a walk in the woods. The aspiration of the report is one which not only sees the continuation of a strong Public Forest Estate but a future where every person has access to local woodland – something which the Ramblers has campaigned passionately for.”

After making sure their motorhome insurance is up to date and provides cover for every possible scenario, and parking in a woodland area has its own inherent dangers including falling branches and wild animals, owners can show their support of the nation’s forests by taking time to make a woodland visit as part of their holiday.

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