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National Motorhome Show Preparations Begin!

Although we are at a point in the year when most motorhome devotee’s have put their motor caravans in mothballs for the coming winter, December and January is one of the busiest times for the planners of the biggest motorhome show in the UK.

The coming year will see the National Motorhome Show take place in Peterborough on the 27-29th of April. It will be the largest show the organising committee have ever produced and mid winter is the time when the planners bring the bare bones of the itinerary together.

Pitches Being Prepared

Spring is always the time when motorhome manufacturers launch new models but it is now that the manufacturers book their pitches for the show and the presentations they plan to put in front of the press and the public. The all girl staff of Sally Dodds, Sarah Kerley and Deborah Halcombe are well versed in dealing with enquiries and setting the scene for exhibitors but they require plenty of forward planning from the bigger players in what is now known nationally as “The Peterborough Show”.

The show is well known for being the place to get valuations, organise trade-ins and get competitive deals, and for those thinking of buying a new motorhome in the coming year, now is the time to plan. Most of the big names will have already prepared the pricing of new models and at the same time decided on the discounts they will offer on older ones, to make way for the class of 2012.

Buyers Can Grab a Bargain

Be prepared is not only a good motto for the scouts it applies to everyone, and if a prospective buyer does their sums beforehand including of course the added extras, such as motorhome insurance, VAT and motorhome accessories, they will be well placed to bargain when the show begins. Of course not everyone can afford a new motorhome and there will be plenty of second hand motors for sale, as well as a whole host of caravans.

The show is not just about motorhomes and caravans though. Over 300 companies have already booked pitches in Peterborough, and visitors will get the chance to buy anything from motorhome insurance to cutlery and crockery, from motorhome flooring to new tyres and puncture kits. There will be plenty of entertainment including live music every night and at £15 per day for an adult, the tickets for the show are good value.

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