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New Motorhomes for 2016

Ever since 1910, when the Pierce-Arrow motor company introduced the Touring Landau model at the Madison Square Garden auto show, motorhomes have been constantly evolving and improving, quick to adapt and embrace any new technology. Over 100 years later this is still very much the case, and with the introduction of things like LEZ’s motorhome manufacturers have had to think on their feet to keep in line with new regulations too. They have also embraced luxury like never before, and some of today’s motorhomes probably have more in common with a 5-star hotel than anything else. Below, we take a look some of the most popular motorhomes of the moment.


Danbury MotorCaravans VW T2 4 seater

Prices from £39,645

VW have been synonymous with campervans since 1960 when the Type 2 was first released. Other companies were swift to follow, including Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet, but none has attained the timeless status of the T2. Bristol based company Danbury MotorCaravans have taken this classic and brought it into the 21st century; before you panic they (obviously) haven’t changed the design on the outside!

Beneath the timeless chassis lies an economical, water-cooled vehicle running on both unleaded and bio-fuel. Inside is a hand built interior that is fully customisable, complete with all the feature you would expect. There is an impressive list of optional extras including vintage style plaid upholstery, a roof mounted LCD TV, air conditioning, a portable chemical toilet, and many more.

It may not be cheap but the quality is so high it is still brilliant value for money. It is a great way to own a timeless, classic vehicle which is in optimum running condition. Danbury are experts in this field, and it really shows.


Knaus Boxlife 600

Prices from £40,925

At this year’s National Motorhome Awards, the Knaus Boxlife 600 won the much coveted ‘Motorhome of the Year’ award. Judges took a variety of difference criteria into account, including value for money, design, quality of build, practicality and genuine examples of innovation. The competition was particularly stiff this year, but the Knaus Boxlife 600 triumphed.

Knaus based the Boxlife on the hugely popular Fiat Ducato panel van and sticks to a tried and tested layout of front lounge with a rear bed fixed design. The innovation lies in the sleeping arrangement; they have managed to fit four full berths in a 6m van. This is made possible by a brilliant piece of engineering whereby there is a drop down bed above the lounge, and the mechanism actually works! The rear bed can have its height adjusted revealing the abundant storage beneath.

In the end, the fact it was voted ‘Motorhome of the Year’ speaks for itself…


Wellhouse Leisure Ford Terrier Custom Rosso Edition in Race Red

Prices from £46,500

Ford were the first automobile manufacturer, and were quick to get involved in motorhome manufacture too. This model has a distinctly retro American feel about it, with the punchy gloss red exterior and the red and black leather seating.

Inside it has everything you would expect from a motorhome, but is cleverly designed to make the absolute most of the available space. There is plenty of discreet storage, and the elevating roof really does make the interior feel much bigger. It also comes with loads of great features as standard, including a 95W solar panel, a rear camera and an electric step.

Whilst this model is the priciest of the three, it still delivers real value for money and has been finished to an incredibly high standard.


So there you have it! 3 very different but equally impressive motorhomes with their own unique selling points. If you are new to motorhome world, or are looking for an upgrade, hopefully this guide has come in handy and it won’t be long until you’re cruising down the motorway on another summer adventure!




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