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Outdoor Clothing for Motorhome Owners

We do seem to be getting more and more extreme weather here in the UK and whether it’s snow, rain or sunshine it’s becoming more important as a motorhome owner to have a good wardrobe of technical weather clothing. The weeks of the year you’re able to get away in your motorhome are incredibly valuable so you need to make sure you can enjoy them. Here’s our guide to motorhome clothing.

An Outdoor Jacket

One area where it’s really worth spending some serious money is a good, lightweight water resistant-jacket. A lot of supposedly waterproof jackets do leak after a good soaking, but a proper water-resistant coat will keep you dry. It’s a good idea to go for visible colours too, if you’re required to replace a tyre on the roadside it’s important that other drivers can see you.

Keeping Warm

For a lot of motorhome owners the greatest difficulty is keeping warm outside but then not overheating inside your motorhome. Layers are the best solution as you can keep changing to suit your requirements. Merino wool is a great fabric for keeping light but warm in the winter and ideal under a coat or jacket.

On your Feet

Finally, one piece of essential motorhome kit is a good pair of outdoor boots. You’ll need good, rugged grip to ensure you don’t slip when putting up awnings or walking around the site but also a bit of warmth. Leather is the age-old choice for good walking boots but synthetic materials offer great features at a much better price and the gap between the two is closing. Top boots will last you a lifetime so don’t be afraid to splash out here.

Remember that if you’re spending a lot of cash on clothing to make sure that your motorhome insurance has adequate contents cover. You can easily surpass the low limits that a lot of insurers offer. Good clothing will make your motorhome holidays a lot easier, so think hard before you buy and you will be rewarded!

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