Motorhome Family Holiday Infographic

Planning a Family Motorhome Holiday

When it comes to planning a family motorhome holiday there are many aspects that need to be considered. Not only do you need to plan where you are going and how to get there, but also how you can make sure everyone enjoys the trip while remaining within budget. This is why Comfort Insurance has created a handy infographic filled with everything you need to know to ensure you and your family have a successful motorhome holiday. Here, we look at some of our advice in a bit more detail:

Saving Money

Motorhome Family Holiday Infographic

One of the great things about motorhome holidays is that they don’t cost the earth, however if you aren’t careful there is always the chance you will end up spending more than you would like to! A great way to prevent this is to plan your trip carefully and research different campsites and locations in order to get the best deal. You should also consider the cost of fuel for your trip, as this will take a big chunk out of your budget. Generally, petrol stations based on motorways charge more for fuel than others, so when planning your journey make sure you include regular stops in towns where the prices are cheaper.

Organising Activities

A motorhome holiday just isn’t complete without activities, and the UK has so many to offer that you are sure to find something the whole family will enjoy. Depending on your family’s tastes you could visit a museum, lido, farm, castle, shipyard, mountain, lake and much more! To make sure you fit everything in during your trip make an itinerary before you go, that way you will be able to visit everything you want and be able to manage your budget for the trip. Don’t forget that you can also organise outdoors activities such as hiking, treasure hunts and campfires which are great fun and completely free!

Keeping Entertained on the Road

Children and long road trips rarely go well together, however if you are in a motorhome you can make sure they stay entertained. There are some fantastic gadgets that you can buy to make sure your kids stay happy (and hopefully quiet!) while on the road, including games and snack packs that they can keep on them. It’s also a good idea to try and make your motorhome as comfortable as possible, that way it’s more likely your children will nod off after a couple of hours. If all else fails there are always the traditional car games to distract them such as eye-spy and the number plate game!

Planning your Meals

Most people feel that a motorhome holiday is not the ideal time to start showing off their culinary skills, however cooking in a motorhome can be extremely fun. Before you head off sit down with your family and talk about the types of meals you would all like, that way you can easily organise packing all the pots, pans, utensils and ingredients you need. Having the whole family involved in choosing meals for the holiday is also a great way to get some new ideas, and you could even ask your children if they would like to help you prepare their favourite meal.


When travelling with children safety is of the utmost importance, which is why it is essential you put measures into place before you go. Unfortunately, due to their size motorhomes are often more dangerous to drive than other vehicles, which is why you should be cautious while manoeuvring, changing lanes or merging while on the road. It is also essential you make sure your children have their seatbelts on at all times, as if they don’t not only are they in danger of getting hurt but you could also be fined if caught by a police officer.

The final thing to check when planning your family motorhome holiday is that you have all your paperwork with you, including your motorhome insurance and details of your breakdown cover should you encounter any problems while on the road. You could also print off the information and guides linked within our infographic to remind you of everything you need while planning your trip!


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