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Practical Tips for Protecting Your Upholstery

Few things look smarter than the interior of a brand new sparkling motorhome, but it’s always the way that as soon as you drive it out of the showroom it starts to look tired and worn. Upholstery, whether it’s leather or canvas, can easily get damaged and dirty and while the cost of replacing upholstery is usually pretty high, it’s not always something you’re able to claim on your motorhome insurance. So, here are some practical tips for looking after your upholstery.

Avoiding Everyday Wear

For canvas interiors, your number one enemy is dust: it will sit in the fabric and dull it until it starts to look faded. Get a vacuum cleaner and regularly clean out the seats to avoid them becoming saturated with dust. Leather is more likely to fade from extreme sunshine, so buy a screen or two (or even fashion one from a large cardboard box) to prevent exposure to direct sunlight.

Buy a Roof Rack

The main cause of actual damage to the upholstery is tears and snags from items that have been stored when they don’t really fit. This is really common on bicycles which have plenty of sharp, sticking-out parts, but it’s also possible to catch suitcase zips or coat poppers on the upholstery. So, the solution is to save on space and buy a roof rack or top-box to store what doesn’t comfortably fit in your van.

Splash on a Valet

Cleaning your upholstery can be done but it often requires expensive, specialist products: anything else and you could end up doing more harm than good. Though a professional clean can be quite costly, taking your motorhome for a full inside clean every year can really help the longevity of your upholstery and could give it a few extra years of life.

Your upholstery not only needs to look great but it’s designed to take the most wear and tear of almost any part inside your motorhome. Look after it and you will be rewarded!


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