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Renting a Motorhome in America


When thinking about motorhome holidays we all just assume those that will be going on one already own a motorhome, and if so usually are only travelling in the UK or possibly France. Well why not try thinking further afield; America. There are plenty of state parks and national park campsites with beautiful scenery and some great activities. If you are considering this option then renting a motorhome is the way forward.


If you are planning your first motorhome holiday, it is a good idea to try renting first, make sure this type of holiday is for you before purchasing one of your own. Being able to stick your arm out of the shower and put the kettle on is very handy but this does mean that the vehicles are confined and you will be spending a lot of time with the others in the vehicle. This means having a time out from the inside of the motorhome is a must. If you are travelling with children, why not take some bikes with you so they can have some space in the evenings? Just spending a little time in the pool at the campsite will really benefit the holiday and should defuse and arguments that are imminent.


So once you are in America and you have your motorhome it is time to hit the road and go just about anywhere you please (bearing in mind you have the right visas!). A huge favourite for those taking a motorhome holiday is The Grand Circle. This is because there are is vast amount of stunning scenery which covers parts of five states: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. The route also encompasses many of the great national parks including the Grand Canyon National Park.

The perfect time to visit America is around April, this is to avoid the fierce heat as this can be quite tiring especially when travelling in a motorhome. When you are booking to rent your vehicle make sure you find out whether motorhome insurance is included or whether you have to provide it yourself.

Also make sure that you have a full British driving license and that you can book the hire on a major credit card. We also advise that you book your first few stays at campsites just to make sure you are going to have somewhere to park up. After that leaving it to chance brings a great freedom to the holiday.

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