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Romantic Motorhome Getaways

Today is, of course, St Valentine’s Day and so it’s only right that we share with you our top tips for a romantic motorhome getaway! Imagine a beautiful sunset, a nice bottle of champagne and let us take you away…

Cornwall and Devon

Idyllic coastlines, quaint teashops and long walks make both Cornwall and Devon excellent places for a romantic getaway. Neither is too inaccessible now the new A30 has been built and both are full of surprises and very nice campsites. If you do have time, make sure you stop off at a local B&B for a breakfast fresh off the farm – poached eggs and smoked salmon are a real Valentine’s treat.

Paris and Ile de France

Some say that Paris is the most romantic city in the world and they’re not far from the truth! The back streets of Montmartre aren’t really suited to motorhome travellers, though, so why not check out the surrounding countryside – Ile de France is a beautiful region and really not too far away from Calais. The region of Champagne is, of course, the best place for sparkling wine and very motorhome friendly.

Further afield…?

If you’re feeling especially adventurous then the East of Europe has so much to offer. Bulgaria is frequently mentioned in campervan and motorhome forums and there’s a reason why – it has rustic, friendly cities, a warm climate and some absolutely mind-blowing coastlines which bring out the romantic in all of us. Be careful on the fringes of Europe, though, that you don’t exceed either the mileage available or the scope of your motorhome insurance.

Europe has some great places to get away and sometimes the simplest things – a barbeque on the beach or waking up to a sunset somewhere new – can be the most romantic. Have a very happy Valentine’s Day and why not start planning for next year?

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