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Sacrifices being made to stay on the road

According to a recent survey, motorhome owners are sacrificing their social life and shopping expeditions rather than do without their mobile home. Most are sacrificing going out for meals or shopping for clothes in an effort to save the money needed to fill up the tank.

A massive 75% of those who took part in the research admitted to cutting back on spending, and 33% of owners said they couldn’t imagine life without their campervan or motorhome. More than a third (36%) are spending less on clothes and shoes and a further 28% will buy less alcohol while they are at home; 34% say they have stopped smoking. The cost of running a motorhome has rocketed in recent years, with pressure from rising fuel prices and motorhome insurance premiums adding to the money they have to splash out just to keep their vehicle in good working order. Motorhome owners have seen petrol prices rise by 5p a litre in recent months meaning drivers in the United Kingdom now have the eighth highest petrol price in Europe and the second highest diesel price.

The cost of running a motorhome is an increasingly hot topic, and with the price of fuel recently hitting record highs, it continues to put additional pressures on household finances. Thankfully after the increase in insurance premiums of 2010 and 2011 this year saw prices fall by an average of 10%. It’s no surprise whatsoever that UK based mobile home owners are making cutbacks to keep their vehicles on the road as they are not keen to give up what is a way of life. If the cost of motorhoming continues to rise as we have seen previously, these cutbacks will become a reality for many. There are some beautiful places to visit without travelling thousands of miles and anyone who is thinking about cutting down on the distance of trips to save money on fuel, should contact their motorhome insurance provider as lower mileage could mean lower premiums.

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