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Safe Litter Disposal


Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints is the long standing mantra of the countryside traveller and it’s even more important to remember today that it ever has been before. The countryside in the UK is something it’s easy to take for granted if you’ve lived here all your life, but it really is one of our finest assets. Of course, motorhome owners are renowned for respecting and preserving the environment, but it’s not always easy knowing how and where to dispose of litter and waste.

General Waste

It’s best to use campsite bins to dispose of general waste; they are frequently emptied and are designed exactly for campers! However, if you are camping wild or not using campsites then you should seek out public bins that are big enough for your waste. Usually you can find these in car parks and the best place to try for information is the local council web pages. Alternatively, you could take waste directly to a tip or dump.

Hazardous Waste

Things like batteries, old engine parts or electronics will need to be disposed of responsibly and you should not mix these with general waste. Your local tip will be the best place for this, and if you can’t offload them while on your travels it’s best to take them home with you. Old motorhome batteries can severely damage the environment so never think of leaving them in inappropriate bins.

Fly Tipping

The countryside in the UK is well protected against illegal dumping of waste and you should be extremely wary of fly tipping. Most countryside areas will have a vigilant police force and even more vigilant residents so the chances of you being caught is extremely high. All it takes is a number plate and you could end up with a criminal record and your motorhome insurance premium could skyrocket.

Disposing of waste appropriately might take a little bit more time but it is incredibly important and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Protect the environment by getting rid of your waste in the proper manner and it’ll be there to enjoy for years to come…

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