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Saving Money on your Family’s Motorhome Holiday

We have seen a number of reports recently showing that more and more families in the UK are choosing to go on motorhome holidays in order to save money. However, even though going on a motorhome holiday is generally cheaper than flying to another country and staying in a hotel if you’re not careful you could end up spending more than you really want. On the other hand if you plan properly you could save a bundle, and here’s how:

Plan your Location Carefully

One of the great things about motorhomes is that they enable you to travel wherever you want, and some people take full advantage of this fact and travel to distant countries multiple times a year. However, the cost of your holiday can alter dramatically depending on what location you travel to as some places will cost more to stay in than others. For example, many motorhome owners travel to the south of France during the summer months in order to enjoy the sunshine and beaches, however the cost of staying in Saint Tropez is a lot more than for a less-well known location!

The cost of staying in certain locations will generally fluctuate throughout the year depending on how much demand there is. Popular beach resorts will cost more between June and August than May and September as most families want to go away during the school holidays. The best way to avoid paying over the odds is to try and book your holiday early and take advantage of consolidated costs.

Save on Petrol

The biggest cost of a motorhome holiday is generally petrol, especially if you are planning on driving long distances. Fortunately, petrol prices have been decreasing in the UK recently, which means that you will pay less than in recent years. However, not all petrol stations offer the same amount of savings as others, which is why you need to make sure you don’t just stop off at the first one you see.

Supermarket petrol stations are currently offering the cheapest prices, however large chains are also starting to reduce theirs too in order to compete for business. Motorway service stations are extremely expensive in comparison – mainly because people who stop there have little other choice – so try to avoid these as much as possible.

Create an Itinerary

Most people love going on motorhome holidays as it gives them a sense of freedom and the ability to be spontaneous, which is why creating an itinerary may seem like a strange idea. However, if you are really trying to save some money it’s wise to have an idea of what you are going to do each day of your holiday so that you can budget accordingly.

Children often want to visit local attractions such as waterparks and theme parks while on holiday, and the cost of entry for these places alone is often high. Add to this the cost of souvenirs, food for the day and other extras and you could end up spending most of your holiday money on just one outing! Planning what you are going to do each day of your holiday doesn’t have to take the fun out of it, it just gives you an idea of what you are going to have to pay for when you get there. If you want time for some adventure you can always not plan one or two days and just see where your imagination (and your budget!) takes you.

Have a Back-Up Plan

When setting off on your holiday you will be full of excitement which means that you may overlook some important things. For example, when was the last time you topped up your motorhome’s oil and water levels or checked the tyre pressures? If you fail to do this before heading off on your holiday you could damage your motorhome or even break down while on your journey and have to claim on your motorhome insurance.

Unfortunately, even if you maintain your motorhome well issues could still arise, which is why you need a back-up plan. Make sure that you have your mobile phone charged at all times, and that you have the contact details for your break-down provider and the places you are heading to in order to advise them that you are running late.

Saving money on your family’s motorhome holiday is easy as long as you spend some time planning your journey and doing some research. Furthermore if you plan everything before you leave you will be able to enjoy yourself when you get there!

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