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Settling in for Winter


In an ideal world you’d be able to get away in your motorhome every weekend, all year round, but unfortunately that’s just not the case for plenty of UK motorhome owners. The summer is quickly coming to a close and for a lot of holidaymakers this weekend will be the last weekend when their beloved motorhome sees any light until next May. Motorhomes aren’t necessarily designed for this hibernation period, though, and it’s important to remember a few things before you pull over the covers for winter.

Turning the Engine Over

If your motorhome isn’t started from September to May, it will almost certainly struggle to spark when you come to use it again. You need to start your motorhome up on a regular basis to keep the parts lubricated and to ensure that problems don’t start building up inside the engine. Run the engine for a moment or two as often as you can, just to be sure.

Anti-freeze and Frost

If you’re able to, it’s a good idea to store your motorhome in a garage. Frost will damage the exterior quicker than most owners realise. Keep your screen wash topped up with a little anti-freeze and you might even want to use a non-toxic anti-freeze in your fresh water tank. However, your best bet is to completely drain it first to minimise the chance of freeze-thaw.

Lock-up Properly

There have been stories of motorhome owners leaving their windows or doors open during the winter and returning in the summer to find mice indulging themselves on their interior. Ensure you close everything fully and completely and don’t allow anything in. Damage caused by mice, rats or moths is unlikely to be covered on your motorhome insurance so don’t take the chance.

If your plan is to lock your motorhome away for the winter over the next few weekends, make sure you look after it. Keep the engine turning over in the colder months, make sure it’s fully protected from frost and ice and try to minimise the chances of mould, damp or pest invasion!

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